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  • Mynmus V Mission Report

    The flight to the space station was successful! The space station has a new addition to it, adding power and communications portals as well as some new docking points. In addition, some science was gained from the mission and that science was returned to Kerbin.



  • Spynboy I

    OK, for whatever reason rich-boy Bill Kerman really really wanted to try out one of his rocket ideas. The rest of us thought him to be a bit nuts, but since he pays a lot of the bills, we eventually capitulated and allowed him to build his dream rocket.

    It is probably a good thing that we are also allowing him to be the first one to test-fly it, because quite frankly the rest of us are scared to death of this thing and what it is going to do. Hopefully it won’t spin so fast he is smooshed up inside into a green goo… Hrm… perhaps that is where the Green Gootm comes from?


    Amazingly, it actually launched and went up! It spun like crazy, and we are quite amazed that Bill was able to get any reports back to us at all from inside there, but he was. He reached a maximum height of 158km before he reached his apex and started coming back down from this flight, spinning the entire time! Frankly, it made us dizzy. Poor Rufus Kerman in flight control got sick all over the console in back… we are making him clean it up before we go near it again…

    Unfortunately, it turns out that not only did Bill forget to install a stage separator between his capsule and the rest of the rocket, he also forgot to put in a parachute! He tried to put it down in the ocean, and succeeded in that endeavor because ballistics wouldn’t allow it any other way, but he… didn’t make it.

    Services will be held next Tuesday.

  • Mynmus IV – The second try

    Well, after the save file disaster, I have re-done the second half of Mynmus IV. And managed to get more science as a result! Total of 899 this time around!

    I did it by taking the capsule to more than one biome on Minmus, which turned out to be worth an addition 300 or so science!

  • Lessons learned about Kerbal

    OK, so I have been playing quite a bit, and was doing a mission to the Mun. Unfortunately I came down very very hard and killed the entire mission.

    I then tried to recover the mission from the last auto-save, but did not quite understand the difference between quick saves and auto saves, and how they work. Which means that I lost that current position and came back up in orbit above Minmus… I had launched a communications satellite around Kerbil between then and also made the trip to the Mun, all of which is now gone (along with the science gains made from landing on Minmus, the landing there, etc.)

    So I am going to have to go back and do all of that again. I actually won’t bother putting a communications satellite into orbit this time around, because there is really no point. The mod that makes doing that worthwhile is called RemoteTech2, and at the moment it is not compatible with 0.23.5. Once it is compatible again, I’ll start working with it and setting up an actual communications network.

    So, for those that might actually be reading this, I learned the following:

    1. ~Kerbal Space Program/saves/default/persistent.sfs is the auto-save file. If you screw up and want to recover from this file, you have to go in, copy that file over to quicksave.sfs, and then recover it from there.
    2. ~Kerbal Space Program/saves/default/quicksave.sfs is the Quick Save file that gets saved when you hit F5. This is what will be recovered from if you hold F9 for a small amount of time.

    What I am going to do on my system is setup file versioning (Windows 8 feature) that will copy these files once an hour (the default) and save them. Then I will have a set of files that I can go back to and recover from if I screw something like this up again.

  • Mynmus IV – Part II

    Have successfully landed on Minmus! Collected data samples, experimental data, and all the other stuff! The landing went without a hitch, and I have plenty of fuel left over to take me home again! The flight home was uneventful.

    Science Summary:

    • Crew report while in space high over Minmus
    • Materials study while in space high over Minmus
    • Myster goo observation while in space high over Minmus
    • EVA report while in space high over Minmus
    • Mystery goo observation from Minmus’s Greater Flats
    • Materials study from Minmus’s Greater Flats
    • Surface sample from Minmus’s Greater Flats
    • EVA report from Minmus’s Greater Flats
    • Crew report from Minmus’s Greater Flats
    • Surface sample from Kerbin’s water
    • Recover of a vessel returned from the surface of Minmus

    Science points earned: 628.5



  • Mynmus IV – Part I

    We appear to have our launch module problems solved. A single cross connect was missing, causing massive imbalance and the crash of Mynmus III. Mynmus IV is much better, and achieved orbit as expected, the way Mynmus I was able to without problems. I think we may have the launch module problems worked out now.

    Now on to attaining orbit around Minmus itself in order to deposit a lander there. Hopefully we won’t have any more issues like this!


  • Mynmus III

    Holy cow! Talk about abject failure! It turns out the staging was right, but the fuel cross connects were a bit broken. Tried to fix that, but then we had some major stability control issues on launch, causing catastrophic failure! Poor Jebediah Kerman barely escaped with his life this time around!

    Still not sure what happened, and we will have to do a long investigation on why we lost stability…

    Science summary:

    • Crew report from Kerbin’s shores
    • Surface sample from Kerbin’s shores
    • Recover of a vessel that survived a flight

    Science points earned: 10.6



  • Mynmus II

    We attached a lander to this ship… and met with a lot of failure during the launch! Apparently we got the separation sequence backwards during the first and second stages, and released the wrong stage… Mayhem ensued, but we were able to save the lander with an early abort and splashdown. We also got some temperature and pressure readings while aloft, so not all was a waste.

    Back to the drawing board on those stages, I guess!

    Science gained:

    • Surface sample from Kerbin’s Water
    • Recovery of a vessel that survived a flight

    Total science points earned: 3.8



  • Mynmus I

    This was more of a test of the new Jool I Launch Assembly. We attached a small science lab to the top of it that outweighs the lander that we will be proposing to go to Mynmus, and launched it into orbit to see how it performs. Admirably, by the way, and with plenty of fuel left over in the third stage to most likely get us all the way to Mynmus. There is a fourth stage for the actual landing at Mynmus, plus return to Kerbin.

    The unit is currently in orbit around Kerbin, and will act as a part of the space station that will eventually be built there.