On the University of Florida campus, just outside of the student union building, there is a small amphitheatre on the edge of a pond. What is unfortunate about this amphitheatre is that there is no stage for a performance to occur, so what you have is an amphitheatre with lots of seating that simply overlooks a pond… a depressing pond, I might add, since it has a fountain smack-dab in the middle of it that doesn’t appear to work, or at least is turned off a good portion of the time.

This would be a perfect place to erect a small stage (perhaps on the opposite side of the pond) where small one-acts could be performed (the performing arts college is right next door) and perhaps the occasional quiet concert (I am thinking classical quartets or acoustic indie music here, not an amplified garage band…)

Truth be told, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the original intent for it, and some environmental weenie got wind of it and protested it because it would disturb the wildlife in the sinkhole nearby, and the ducks that use the pond.