netrek on gentoo

So, I am writing my first ebuild file for gentoo, and of course I decide to do it with a package that has broken configure scripts (or at least they are broken on the Fulong… I am now working on playing with it on a standard x86 architecture to see if it is truly broken or if it is something that is broken only on the Fulong.)

If it is broken completely, I guess I will be sending off an email to the developer of the Cow release of Netrek, and then writing a patch so that it installs properly. By default I am going to be throwing it into /usr/games/* because that is where it should properly go.

*…time passes…*

Looks like it is broken, but I went ahead and at least created a patch that will fix the problem. Of course, gentoo whines about all of the warnings that pop up during compile, but that appears to be more from poor coding of the software than anything else. I get the warnings in both x86 and mips versions. It is looking like it may be a long road ahead for me to get this cleaned up.