More project work

Just got over a major hurdle on my kd-tree project. It was segfaulting and I had no idea why it was doing so. Now I know, and that is one of the biggest hurdles in figuring out why something is going wrong. The fix is usually much easier to deal with once you know what is going wrong.

This project was going well until I hit this snag… at which point I became disillusioned with it and stopped working on it for a good five days now. Finally I can work on it again with the knowledge that the problems that I run into are going to be small things, not big whoppers like this one.

In other news I am going to be heading to Storage Networking World 2008 down in Orlando next month. It should be quite interesting to go to, as the subject matter is of interest to me. There is going to be some work to be completed prior to heading down there, such as gathering some facts of our work at the HPC Center to be able to talk about.