Asiana 777 Crash: Today Show with the experts

Some interesting footage portrayed here from inside a simulator, showing just what it is like to be in the cockpit of a 777 as it is making approaches. As Captain Aimer states, it is very impressive how professional the crew of these aircraft tend to be:

We spent the whole day with the producer and the camera crew of Today Show who came to my house and later in a simulator.
Most of my emphases was on how well my old pal the 777 stood up in this horrific crash. Further, I gave praise to the professionalism and courage of Asiana Flight Attendants who saved all those lives while endangering their own. I also repeated the testimony of my United friend Chris “Doc” Halliday who witnessed the approach and subsequently the crash from his 747-400 cockpit we see in some of the videos. Doc’s flight was # one for take off behind the landing 777 on taxiway “F” leading to runway 28L in KSFO. He and his aircraft, passengers and crew came within striking distance of the out of control 777 sliding by and shedding parts. He told me about the professionalism and fantastic job of his Flight Attendants, calming and taking care of their passengers who watched in horror the crash unfolding and came dangerously close to being part of this disaster themselves.
Below is a few scenes that survived the video editors:

Captain Ross “Rusty” Aimer
(UAL Ret.)
Aero Consulting Experts (ACE)