Lessons learned about Kerbal

OK, so I have been playing quite a bit, and was doing a mission to the Mun. Unfortunately I came down very very hard and killed the entire mission.

I then tried to recover the mission from the last auto-save, but did not quite understand the difference between quick saves and auto saves, and how they work. Which means that I lost that current position and came back up in orbit above Minmus… I had launched a communications satellite around Kerbil between then and also made the trip to the Mun, all of which is now gone (along with the science gains made from landing on Minmus, the landing there, etc.)

So I am going to have to go back and do all of that again. I actually won’t bother putting a communications satellite into orbit this time around, because there is really no point. The mod that makes doing that worthwhile is called RemoteTech2, and at the moment it is not compatible with 0.23.5. Once it is compatible again, I’ll start working with it and setting up an actual communications network.

So, for those that might actually be reading this, I learned the following:

  1. ~Kerbal Space Program/saves/default/persistent.sfs is the auto-save file. If you screw up and want to recover from this file, you have to go in, copy that file over to quicksave.sfs, and then recover it from there.
  2. ~Kerbal Space Program/saves/default/quicksave.sfs is the Quick Save file that gets saved when you hit F5. This is what will be recovered from if you hold F9 for a small amount of time.

What I am going to do on my system is setup file versioning (Windows 8 feature) that will copy these files once an hour (the default) and save them. Then I will have a set of files that I can go back to and recover from if I screw something like this up again.