Intrepid Fallen Heroes Ride

So today I rode for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes, a fund to benefit veterans and their families who have either been injured or been killed. The ride left from Gainesville HD and went out to a number of different bars in the area: Newberry, Fanning Springs, High Springs, then finally the Eagles Club in Gainesville.

It was escorted by the Enforcers MC, which appears to be a good group. I was there with the Legion Riders, but it really appears to me that our group, at least to some extent, really doesn’t know much about group riding. They also seem to want to always stick to the main roads, not having any sort of adventurous spirit or desire to go out onto the back roads of the area to get to different places. I won’t even go into the mileage that these guys go, because it isn’t all that much. I have yet to go on a ride with these guys where I have had a need to fill up the tank on my bike, and I can only go about 100 miles before going to the reserve.

Really, I think my problem is that I truly “Live to Ride”, whereas most of these other riders do it more for the bar hopping and stuff like that. I like nothing more than to be out there on the open road, riding and seeing the countryside.