Lego Carousel – Build Progress

Well… what can I say… this is an incredible build!

I do a bit here and there, then walk off and do other things… so far I figure I have put about six hours of work into it, and it still isn’t done.

The detail is amazing, with lots of very small bits attributing to the detail.  My only complaint about the set so far is the stickers, which I hate. I have started to hate them for a number of reasons now:

  • The essentially limit the use of the piece that they are stuck to.
  • Over time they either fade or fall off, though I do have some stickers on pieces that have been there for 30 years. (My Shell oil tanker comes to mind… though I haven’t ever pulled the tanker portion of that set apart in that same amount of time because of the stickers…)
  • Whenever you have a large set of stickers, or at least a large sticker sheet, invariably the sticker sheet has become crumpled during packaging and shipping. This is true of both the carousel that I am working on now and with Town Plan (10184) which had bent letters for the cinema sign.