So, spent the week at Disney…staying at the Buena Vista Palace again. Rode the bike down, and now know the secret method for parking in VIP parking.

First day was spent at Hollywood Studios. Nothing really new to see, but I enjoyed my time there. Afterwards I went over to Downtown Disney and picked up the Christmas Lego set (10199). I am still debating picking up the firehouse as well…have to figure out if I can fit it on the bike first.

Tuesday went to Epcot, and did the whole food and wine festival thing. Some of the food was wonderful, but yet again Australia has managed to disappoint me because they didn’t have any meat pies. The festival has definitely taken a hit with the economy compared to last year.

There is also a new ride in Innoventions, one that I think is going to be very crowded for a very long time. Got to ride it the day before it officially opens.

Today went out to Animal Kingdom. Nothing has changed there, really. It is truly a half day park these days for me. Went on the safari ride twice, the rapids ride, then Kiliminjaro twice…that was enough for me, and I was hot enough at that time that it was time for me to hit the road.

Rode out to the campground and got a rates sheet, which is quite nice and might be completely feasible in the cold months.