Testing offer

Just made an offer to Stuart Longland to do some stage testing for the 2008.0 build of gentoo on various platforms. I have in my possession a Lemote Fulong, an SGI Origin 200, and an SGI Indy r5k machine (I also have an r4600, but we won’t go into that… I’m not even sure if it works.)

Doing this sort of testing is just the sort of thing that I enjoy working with, and I have the equipment almost setup and ready to go now to actually do it. I have to pull out a big-ass Gateway server that is sitting in the rack improperly in order to put in some rack rails that will support it, but once that is done I can install the rest of the rails that I have for the rack and rack up the Origin 200 and possibly the Indy, assuming the rails will work for it. Otherwise I may just have to set it on top of the Origin 200 instead.