The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
in #1 Engine room,
The Rover not cleaning
Nor the SMO with a broom.

The Shutdown RO
was asleep in his chair.
In hopes that the EDO
would never come there.

When on upper level
There arose such a clatter.
I awoke from my slumber
to check on the matter.

Much to my surprise
What did I see?
The engineer and CO
Just smiling at me.

Said the engineer with gusto
All full of himself.
“Your butt’s in a sling!”
“Your life’s on the shelf!”

Off to Captains Mast
where I must accept my fate.
The results of which
I’m sure I will hate.

30 days restricted
and half a months pay.
Ouch! That is painful.
Must be ‘nother way!

On the way to extra duty
I wonder ’bout my luck.
Cigarette butts? Good Lord!
This truely does suck!

As I walk down the brow
for my sentence to begin.
my thoughts forever run to:
FTN, Never Again!