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  • “Fiery Sunsets”

    So, just reading a post from someone else on Google+, and they posted pictures of a sunset here in Florida, entitled “Fiery Sunset”.

    Now, I have a wee bit of a problem with this caption… I mean, it is a sunset… by definition, it is fiery… I mean, it is a giant (and in the case of the example poster, I have a feeling he does not quite understand just how massive it truly is) burning ball a very long distance away (approximately 1 AU, give or take planetary orbit eccentricity)

  • I got bored

    This is all Dante Shepherd’s fault…

    Spatula cat, spatula cat
    Does whatever a spatula can
    Flips a burger, any size,
    Scrapes up eggs just like the Fonz
    Look out!
    Here comes the Spatula Cat!

  • Ebay Auctions…

    So, a recently published auction came across my attention… (wow, I am not sure how that is going to come across… but screw it… )

    Apple IIgs Woz Edition

    There are so many things wrong with this particular auction…

    • A seller rating of zero? Really?
    • No in-depth pictures. Who knows what the condition of the system board is, or if it even exists.
    • A woz edition IIgs is not really all that special. I used to have one… I would prefer to have a ROM 03 version of a IIgs, frankly.
    • The cost… well, it is laughable. I know that these things can go for a tenth of the cost, and have seen them go for even less.
    • The shipping cost is also laughable.

    So in the end, this is a ridiculous auction, and the only people that are going to make any money off of it is Ebay.

  • Facebook Status stuff

    I just got hit with the following two statuses on Facebook… the thing that is interesting to me is that they have opinions at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, and this is coming from two people who are from completely different parts of my life:

    [#]  NAME         TYPE         MESSAGE

    [1]  <Person 1>   attach post  Super bummed on having my PT canceled tonite.
    *sulk pout* I’d say something more, but then I’d
    be getting catty.

    [#]  NAME               TYPE         MESSAGE

    [1]  <Person 2>         attach post  Physical Therapy is such a joy to go

    I am using fbcmd to monitor statuses of friends that get posted throughout the day… this allows me to keep it in a single terminal window in a corner of the screen instead of having Facebook open in a browser window all the time and me going to check it throughout the day. Nice and clean, basically.

  • Relax… God is in control

    I saw this caption on a bumper sticker going to work today, and it had me thinking about it the entire way in.

    I don’t like it.

    Now, I am not going to get into an existence of God thing here… that is a completely different theological debate. What I am annoyed about with this is that it is a fatalistic attitude. It is basically saying “I am not in control of my actions.”

    I consider this to be a cop-out and a dangerous method of living life.

    First of all, it is basically blaming your own actions on the will of a supernatural being. With this sort of attitude, it justifies every bad thing that man has ever done in history as actually being God’s fault, and therefore not the fault of man. I call complete bullshit on this.

    Second, it could be foreseen to lead to someone simply giving up on doing anything, since “it is God’s will”. Dammit, if you can’t get off your duff and do something with your life, you are a failure, and I will call you on it.

    I feel that this sort of attitude promotes anti-entrepreneurial thoughts. With this sort of attitude, we wouldn’t have things like the Apple iPod, or electricity, or the basic wheel.

  • A couple of things

    Lessee… a couple of things…

    First, work is being a bit annoying. Our home area for the users went down, and of course there are no backups (no big deal, really… it is a part of policy and the users know that) but we really like to keep things running, so getting the home area back has been a priority for us for a couple of days now… and there has been no fruition. We are basically at the end of the rope now, and are trying to simply recover what we can.

    It sucks.

    And of course this is all happening now, when I have the first weekend in six months completely free with no plans whatsoever. Which means I will probably go in to work to see what I can do to fix things. *sigh*

    Got a new cable modem last night, though… DOCSIS 3.0 compliant. No idea if Cox cable is going to be providing me with better connections because of it, but by god I am ready for it when it comes… except that my router is maximum 100mbit, and the thing has a gigabit port on the back of it. Now I might have to start looking either for a gigabit port for the router, or a new router that has a gigabit port on it.

    In other news, the woman whom I mentioned earlier will be leaving the country in about a month or so. This is part of the reason why I didn’t pursue it further… I knew she was leaving for parts long and far away…  🙁

    I have a new harddrive for the Fulong, but haven’t put it in yet… I figure that might be something I do tonight… not sure if I am going to put gentoo on it, or go with the debian variant that is now available and not sucking so badly.

  • GPG Spam

    So a discussion came up just recently concerning spam scanners on mail servers and their tendency to score on emails that happen to be GPG encrypted, simply because the contents is a bunch of gobbledy-gook. Things were thrown back and forth concerning the computational expense of scanning emails for spam in the first place and stuff… then the conversation took a bit of a left turn when I started going off about how I was going to become the next spam king, whose sole purpose would be to generate spam using nothing but GPG signatures and encryption, as well as generating new keys for the spam every day so that a filter could not be placed on any single GPG key/signature.

    They whined a bit about how it is still computationally expensive, and that all of the key generation and encryption would actually reduce the amount of spam being sent, to which my reply was that they did not understand the goal I was trying to achieve… not to make money from spam, but instead to kill GPG forever.

    Yes, I was a bit bored…

  • Faire is over!

    So, the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire is over for another year! Thank god! Really, I enjoy the faire, but the hours are killer for the job that I do. Next year I plan on doing one of two things… Either cooking for the guilde again, or not cooking for them and just cooking for the encampment. Whichever it happens to be, I am NOT going to be the quartermaster during the year. That can be someone else.The menu was basically the same as last year:

    • Sausages with grilled onions and peppers
    • Macaroni and cheese
    • Grilled chicken with onions and peppers
    • Baked Beans
    • Vegetable platter
    • Scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy for breakfast
    • Assorted danishes for breakfast

    Some other things that were added to the menu this year:

    • Kabobs for kids day
    • baked Potatoes

    Of course, I also had to do some special stuff, and I did the following this year:

    • Curried venison for the second Saturday. This was a particularly strong hit, because it was simply incredible.
    • Some elk roast. This wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped, but it wasn’t bad. I was glad to share it out to people because it was something special, and something that most people have probably never had before.
    • Another lamb roast. This was a lot better than the elk roast, and because it was so big I was able to save half of it to take home. I later threw it into a crock pot and make a lamb stew out of it.

    For that matter, I plan on dropping my role as the Director’s Committee Chairman. I’ll stay on the Director’s Committee, but not as the chair. That can go to someone else as well. I have enough meetings to deal with these days as it is.

    Faire was good, though. I enjoyed myself, despite now being sick because of it. I should be clear of the sickness that I caught tomorrow morning, though.

    In other news, I think I managed to fall head-over-heels for someone very special this past fortnight. I am not going to mention any names, because quite frankly I have had really bad experiences with that sort of thing in the past, and in this case I am going to keep it to myself. Needless to say if she reads this, she will probably know it is her. I don’t know how she will handle it, but this is my position on it (at least at this point in time…): I am not going to do anything about it. I just feel that there might be too much drama, and quite frankly I would prefer not to be with her and have her as a friend than to lose her completely, because she really is a special person to me.I made that mistake once… I’ll never make it again.

    This is a long collection of thoughts, and it is very likely that some of these thoughts are truly messed up in the process. Suck it up… I am a bit under the weather right now, and thinking clearly is not at the top of the stack right now. It’s just a good thing I didn’t post this yesterday, because I was really loopy then.