• Mynmus II

    We attached a lander to this ship… and met with a lot of failure during the launch! Apparently we got the separation sequence backwards during the first and second stages, and released the wrong stage… Mayhem ensued, but we were able to save the lander with an early abort and splashdown. We also got some temperature and pressure readings while aloft, so not all was a waste.

    Back to the drawing board on those stages, I guess!

    Science gained:

    • Surface sample from Kerbin’s Water
    • Recovery of a vessel that survived a flight

    Total science points earned: 3.8



  • Mynmus I

    This was more of a test of the new Jool I Launch Assembly. We attached a small science lab to the top of it that outweighs the lander that we will be proposing to go to Mynmus, and launched it into orbit to see how it performs. Admirably, by the way, and with plenty of fuel left over in the third stage to most likely get us all the way to Mynmus. There is a fourth stage for the actual landing at Mynmus, plus return to Kerbin.

    The unit is currently in orbit around Kerbin, and will act as a part of the space station that will eventually be built there.

  • Munosi II

    Our biggest endeavor yet! A multi-stage rocket that got us into orbit with enough fuel to get us out of the orbital influence of Kerbin! Many samples were taken before we dropped the science module off to burn up in atmosphere.

    Future note, we need some solar panels installed on future modules. It was getting to be a bit touch and go at the end there in terms of power!


    • Materials study while in space high over the Mun
    • Mystery Goo observation while in space high over the Mun
    • Crew report while in space high over the Sun
    • Materials study while in space high over the Sun
    • Mystery goo observation while in space high over the Sun
    • EVA Report while in space high over the Sun
    • Crew report from Kerbin’s highlands
    • Surface sample from Kerbin’s highlands
    • EVA Report while flying over Kerbin’s highlands
    • Recovery of a vessel returned from orbit around the Sun

    Total science awarded: 596



  • Sindani II

    Sindani II is a space probe designed to go out of Kerbin’s spacial influence. It will take heat and pressure sensing equipment as well as goo stations out of our immediate area and send analysis back. It is a multi-stage rocket with boosters.

    It made it all the way to an orbit around Eve! This is a good thing, and will get us some valuable science!

  • Lando II

    Lando II is an upgraded version of Lando I. It had an added pressure sensor on it to enhance the science.

    Mission achievements:

    • Mystery goo observation from launchpad
    • Materials study from launchpad
    • Atmospheric pressure scan from launchpad

    Science points: 5.9 earned


  • Lando I

    Lando I is a mockup science lab that was never intended to go into space. It just had a capsule on top with a mobile processing station attached to the bottom in order to do some research on the ground. It did get us some decent research, however.

    Science achievements:

    • Crew report from launchpad
    • Temperature scan from launchpad
    • Mystery goo observation from launchpad
    • Materials study from launchpad

    Science earned from mission: 14.4



  • Munosi I

    This was a two stage rocket with four solid rocket boosters, designed to send a capsule around the Mun. Mission accomplished! It performed flawlessly, and our little astronaut was returned to the surface of Kerbin without incident, though he was a bit wet from landing in the ocean.

    Lots of science was attained from the orbit and testing around the Mun.

  • Vendetta II

    Second in the series, this did make it into orbit. Unfortunately, no battery packs were installed and control surfaces were not sufficient to maneuver properly. Some science was gathered from this vehicle once it returned to Kerbin, however.

  • Sindani I

    This was a space probe to be sent to the Mun. Two stages with a booster package, unmanned but with battery packs and a science experiment. The launch did achieve orbit around the Mun, and most of the science was able to be broadcast back to Kerbin before the batteries ran out of power. The unit is currently orbiting around the Mun in a very high, pretty much polar orbit.

    Maybe someday we can go and recover it.

  • Vendetta I

    Vendetta I was supposed to reach a stable orbit, but was not quite able to reach an orbital velocity. Instead it eventually came down in Kerbin’s ocean.

    Experiments recorded:

    • Crew report from Kerbin’s Water
    • EVA report from space just above Korbin’s Water
    • Crew report while in space near Kerbin
    • Mystery Goo observation while in space near Kerbin
    • Crew report from Kerbin’s upper atmosphere
    • Mystery Goo observation from Kerbin’s upper atmosphere
    • Surface sample from Kerbin’s water
    • EVA report while flying over Kerbin’s water
    • Recovery of a vessel after a sub-orbital flight

    Science +61