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  • Happy Birthday!

    To me!

    Yes, I am a leap-year baby, so I only get to do this once every four years. Yay!

    OK, so much for that. The thing is, birthdays for me are just not all that important. I guess not having one but every four years, at least in my case, makes it seem less important or something. I dunno.

    I’ll be writing another entry later today detailing what I did to get X working on my Fulong.

  • Tivo Recovery

    So, last night I thought I had lost my Tivo. It appeared to have died after a power outage caused by a big thunderstorm in the area (I heard the transformer blow up down the street after I lost power.) Once the power came back, it was just hanging at the “almost there. just a few minutes more…” screen, and not getting any further. I let it sit there all night and it didn’t get anywhere.

    This evening I pulled the system apart and yanked the drive, figuring that the drive was just old and dying, but maybe I had a shot at firing it up one last time and pulling a copy off of it. I followed the directions (well, sort of…) on the following website:

    A Step by Step Guide to Upgrading the Hard Drive Capacity of a Tivo Series 2

    I diverged a bit from their instructions when it came to how I hooked up the drives, as I have a couple of external USB->IDE drive cages that make it easier to do than pulling a machine apart to hook drives into. So using these I did the quick recovery version of the instructions to just pull over the system, then put the new 120gb drive (an extra 50% capacity… woot!) into the Tivo.

    On starting of the Tivo, I thought I was still doomed for a bit there as it was still displaying the “almost there. just a few minutes more…” screen, but that cleared up after… what do you know? A few minutes. 🙂

    So I am now the proud owner of a 120 hour Tivo Series II box. 🙂