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  • mesa build

    Well, I have been chasing this one down for about three or four days. The goal was to get mesa-7.0.3 built on the fulong, but it just kept crashing in the build whining about dri. Couldn’t get around it.

    Then I noticed (finally!) that it was also whining about gcc-config not being set on the system. Well… this had been the first time that I had seen this particular problem cause other problems, so I went about setting it, which was not really a hard thing to do and actually reminds me very much of the mpi-selector that exists for those that use mpi programming tools.

    The second gcc-config had been set to the most recent version of gcc that I had on the system, the mesa build apparently appears to be going quite well.

  • Frustration

    So for the past day or so I have been helping out someone on IRC get her computer put together. Yesterday afternoon she finds out that the fan on her PSU is not working at all (this is a new PSU, just pulled out of the sealed box.) The odd thing is that she doesn’t want to go back to the store and return it for a new one because for some reason she has it in her head that the store is no longer trustworthy… despite the PSU having come from the store in a sealed box, thus the store not having anything to do with the quality of the PSU inside the box.

    She just would not take the blatant hint that she should TAKE IT BACK.

    She has been building this machine (a relatively simple desktop build) for the past 36-48 hours now, and still doesn’t have it done. This is something that I would have had built and going in about half an hour, and that someone with no experience whatsoever should have done in about two to three hours tops.


    In other news, the new aptitude is a bit annoying in how it handles upgrades of the debian system. Just thought I would mention that.