The Joke about the Head

A married couple found that they were going to have a child. They waited the nine months, going through the trials and tribulations that come with a developing womb. The day finally came, and they rushed to the hospital.

After a number of hours waiting, the doctor comes out to see the expectant father with a troubled face…

“Mr. Smith, we need to talk. While the birth went fine, there has been a problem… a… deformity… with your son.” The doctor then proceeded to lead Mr. Smith into the recovery room where his wife was waiting, a puzzled look on her face as well since her new-born son had not been immediately placed in her arms.

“A son! Oh, if he is missing a finger or something, it doesn’t matter! I will still love him and cherish him! We both will!” said Mr. Smith.

A pained look flashed across the Doctor’s face. “I am afraid it is a bit more serious than that. We have your son in Intensive Care for the moment while we examine him more thoroughly. He does seem to be quite healthy, let me reassure you, but we still want to be absolutely sure.”

“I don’t care so long as he is healthy” said Mr. Smith. “If he is missing an arm or a leg, it doesn’t matter! We will make it work!”

“It is more serious than that, I am sorry to say.” As he said this, a nurse walked into the room carrying a swaddled bundle of blue. The Smith’s faces lit up, as they were finally going to see their newborn son for the first time. The swaddling was placed in Mrs. Smith’s hands as the Doctor said, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I am sorry to inform you that you are the new parents of a head.”

Now, we won’t go into the medical improbability of this amazing feat, nor will we go into the uproar this caused within the medical community. Instead, we will just focus on the family. The Smith’s raised their head, named Brunswick (the Smith’s were big bowling fans as well), in a quiet community for a number of years.

One day, when Brunswick was six years old, lying on his pillow getting ready to go to sleep, his father came to tuck him in. He asked, “Daddy, how can I get a body and legs and arms?”

His father, eyes misting, replied, “Well, if you pray really hard, maybe… just maybe… God will reward you with a body and legs and arms.”

Brunswick nodded (don’t ask how) and his father left the room. That night, Brunswick prayed hard. He prayed long. He prayed himself into exhaustion, and fell asleep.

In the morning, he woke up, his little bed crushed beneath him as he all of a sudden had a body and legs and arms. He leaped up (again, don’t ask how he knew how to even stand) and cried out to his parents, “Mommy! Daddy! I have a body! I have arms and legs!”
He proceeded to run around the house, quite naked, shouting this out to his parents. They awoke, wondering what the heck was happening.

Brunswick was so excited that he ran out the front door (still naked), out into the street, and proceeded to get run over by a truck.

The moral of the story is this: He should have stopped while he was ahead.