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  • NaNoWriMo update

    So, a month ago I detailed how I was starting a novel for the NaNoWriMo competition… well, 28 days later I had finished it and completed the competition, just for the record.

    No, it will not be getting published. Really it was more a stream of consciousness than anything else, and really is not publishable… but I did complete it!

  • NanoWrimo

    So, I have decided to start doing NanoWrimo this month. What the heck… the worst that can happen is that I don’t finish or something. Meh.

    I have gotten a bit of an outline going, and I have a general concept in my head now of what I am sort of wanting to do, but don’t really have any solid goals yet. I will worry about that later. Basically, the first thing I did was grab a very basic outline of a plot summary concerning the mythic hero, and I will fill in the outline from there. The base words are there, I just need to go in for each plot point and define where I am going to go for each of those points. From there, I can then expand out into a real story and novel and see what happens.

  • Germany, WW 1

    So… a bit of reading today brought about a point of interest… Apparently around the time of World War I, Germany did some pretty cool things in preparation prior to the war. When I say pretty cool, I mean that they were being smart.

    What they did was to go around to different parts of the countryside of the places that they were planning to invade, and bought things like farms and stuff in strategic places. They then would lay down a foundation at those farms, and erect a lightweight structure such as a barn or whatever.

    Once they had enough of these set up, the invasion began. It then became very easy for them to simply tear down the structure and all of a sudden they had a strong foundation on which to place their heavy artillery. They became easily defendable firebases for their offensive.

  • Too much…

    OK… just had a very odd dream…

    Basically, imagine a hostage situation in a middle-eastern country (unspecified) where a single male is taken hostage in a religious building by terrorists. He stalls them, etc. from killing him, there is a bit of a fire bomb thrown around, etc. but in the end he is being dragged somewhere to be executed as an infidel when *thump* the terrorist falls over dead from a silenced round.

    A pair of special forces types walk up, and one of them says to the other “You get the hostage… he’s BoP. You shot the terrorist, the hostage is yours.”

    Yes… he really said this in my dream. Either too much John Ringo, too much WoW, or both.