Facebook Status stuff

I just got hit with the following two statuses on Facebook… the thing that is interesting to me is that they have opinions at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, and this is coming from two people who are from completely different parts of my life:

[#]  NAME         TYPE         MESSAGE

[1]  <Person 1>   attach post  Super bummed on having my PT canceled tonite.
*sulk pout* I’d say something more, but then I’d
be getting catty.

[#]  NAME               TYPE         MESSAGE

[1]  <Person 2>         attach post  Physical Therapy is such a joy to go

I am using fbcmd to monitor statuses of friends that get posted throughout the day… this allows me to keep it in a single terminal window in a corner of the screen instead of having Facebook open in a browser window all the time and me going to check it throughout the day. Nice and clean, basically.