Font issues

So, I am in the Civil Air Patrol (hence the category in this case of CAP), which is the Auxiliary to the United States Air Force, at least when we are performing missions for the Air Force. As such, we hold true to a very large portion of the rigmarole that occurs in the Air Force, including the creation of Memos. Lots and lots of memos get created and pushed around in the Air Force, and also in CAP.

My issue in this case is a recent memo that came from our Wing Commander, concerning term limits for group and squadron commanders. No big deal with the content… heck, it had to be stated somewhere, and now we have it written down from on high that it will be a specific amount of time, and then you have to give it up to someone else. Fine, no problem, makes sense. My issue is with the bloody font he used in the memo… not sure of the exact font name, but it is a Gothic style font, and neigh unreadable. Well, yes, you can read it, but it is bloody annoying.

I never thought I would be one to whine and complain about a font that someone is using… until now. There is a reason why most word processors default to one of two different fonts, either Times New Roman or a Courier… because they are easy to read and do not have weird spacing!

One Response to Font issues

  1. Well… two things… one, the problem was being caused by Acrobat (linux version), and not the PDF itself.

    two… that install is completely blown away now. Somewhere along the way of upgrading things yesterday, I completely screwed over the install to the point where I just said fuck it and redid the entire system with RHEL 6.1. This is actually a good thing as I am now working with a system that is somewhat similar to what is being used with the rest of the cluster.