OK… had some odd dreams last night. The last one I had is actually a pretty quick one… I dreamed that my mother, for the life of her, had never seen a FedEx truck. She insisted on it, even after I pulled up pictures of what one looked like on the Internet to show her what one looked like.

The second is much more in depth. I dreamed that I was looking at Cape Canaveral via satellite imagery, zooming in on stuff, when suddenly I was there on my feet looking at special test aircraft and stuff, with my father next to me. We are standing there, looking at some of the old aircraft that are sitting around, when a T-38 with special flight package installed on it is launched and starts shooting special missiles, which was really cool. Eventually the aircraft runs out of fuel and drifts down into the ocean, so my father and I hop into a small boat and go out to pick the guy up. There was some stuff at the end about getting caught or something, but that wasn’t really the main gist of the dream, I don’t think.

Yep… some odd dreams. Still doesn’t beat the dream I had of me standing in the men’s bathroom, taking a piss in a urinal, when Queen Elizabeth II walks in a also goes to the bathroom, the entire time looking at me oddly as if I were the intruder. That dream still kind of throws me for a loop, making me wonder what I was thinking…