Teak Neighborhood Grill – Orlando

Recently I had lunch at Teak Neighborhood Grill. I had been looking for a place to have a decent lunch in the Orlando area prior to an engagement that evening that I drove down for, and I didn’t want to eat at some fast food joint where the food is predictable. The MetroWest area of Orlando is unfamiliar to me, so finding it was interesting. I am just thankful I have a decent GPS! Arriving I found parking without a problem, and when I went inside I found that seating was setup at the time to just seat yourself. Inside it is setup as a sports bar, nicely laid out with lots of screens and comfortable seating, but a sports bar nonetheless. I found a nice table with some decent light and waited for the server to come by, which was prompt. After going through the menu, I decided to get the Philly Steak Flatbread for an appetizer and the Spicy Veronica burger. A short wait while my food was prepared, and then it all came out at once (frankly the major reason why I am giving it four stars and not five). First the flatbread… the taste was really quite nice, and I enjoyed that, but one issue I had with it is that it is kind of sloppy. Center pieces in particular do not hold up well, and because they are cut into such large pieces they are tough to manage as a finger food. I ended up using a knife and fork for the center of the flatbread. Still, the taste is good, so I would recommend it. It would only take two seconds to cut into smaller pieces and become more manageable. The burger… well, the Spicy Veronica holds up to its namesake with ghost pepper cheese, pickled jalapeños, sriracha mayo, and tomato on a toasted brioche bun. There are crispy potato strings on the side and sort of sprinkled around it that are unnecessary. The taste of the burger is very good, and they did a wonderful job with it. No complaints at all there! I needed a good burger, and they delivered! If I am in the area again I will definitely think about heading here for a bite to eat. Friends will also get a recommendation from me if they happen to be nearby.