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  • Road trip – Day Four

    The final day.

    Woke up and got on the road, and very quickly found myself in Tallahassee. Tooled around there for a little while, but truthfully the Florida state capitol is not the biggest thing on my list of things to see. Continued out via US27, but got decidedly bored of that and took SR59 down to US98. Much more interesting ride down in that area.

    While riding down 98, came across a massive alligator in the middle of the road. It stretched entirely across a single lane of traffic, so figure in the 12 foot range. I just patiently waited for it to get off the road before proceeding, because it was a big one.

    Also saw a boar that had been hit lying on the side of the road. The different animals that I saw on this trip was pretty interesting.

    Got back on US27 in Perry, and kept on it until High Springs, at which point transferred over to 441 and headed home. Not too much going on for this trip, though I did stop at a bar in Alachua for lunch, where they had some incredible chicken strips. I will have to go back there sometime for that again.