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  • My interview with NCIS

    So, many years ago, right after I had gotten out of the Navy, I was working for a small mom and pop computer store that was relatively close to the base that I had finished my service with. I had been working there for a couple of months, when one day some folks in uniform showed up and asked me to come in for an interview, concerning some “interesting” items that had appeared in our used bins.


    I still had access to the base (I was inactive reserves at the time) and knew exactly where to go when they told me, so went to the interview. I told them all I knew about the situation, and was done in about half an hour. I never knew what happened with the information that I gave them, but I expect that some sailor somewhere eventually had a very bad day, since it was obvious that some hardware from the Navy had been sold off without their knowing it.


    Why this post? Well, I was reading some interesting things, and one of the things mentioned was being interviewed by NCIS, and that tickled my memory that I had once gone through the same sort of thing, two decades ago.