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  • Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

    Recently spent the night at the Swan because I had a dinner engagement in Orlando and didn’t want to drive home that evening. Got a pretty good deal with my SPG membership, and it turned out to be an even better deal since other friends who decided to stay at a different location ran into issues with their room.

    The room I got was a king bed, and I had no problems with it. The staff were courteous, and check-in went like a breeze. Really no issues in any of those regards.

    However, the hotel has seen better days, and there are parts of it that need some refurbishment. The hallways leading to the rooms need to be updated with new carpet, and some brighter lighting, as the carpeting is showing a lot of wear and it is just dark in the hallways. While there aren’t any holes in the carpeting, you can definitely see where the maid carts have been going up and down the halls over the years.

    Add to this the fact that you now have to pay for parking to stay at the hotel, at more than $20 a day for parking! Way to go, Disney, in pushing away your more local people who just want to stay at one of your hotels for a night or three! You have managed to turn a hotel that was $150 a night into one that is about $200 now. There are significantly less expensive hotels that have a higher quality level that are as close or even closer to some of the parks as this one, so I feel they are simply shooting themselves in the foot with the new parking fees that they have instituted.

    Kill the parking fees, and I will be happy to come back… otherwise, forget it.

  • Completing a quote…

    So, just saw this quote from Bella Thorne:

    Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand

    all I could think of was a completion of said quote:

    …so you can drag others down with you.

    Bella is still pretty young, and has all that young idealism still flowing through her… and I am just a cynical bastard who has seen too much over the years.

    (For those wondering, Bella Thorne is the redhead cast member from Disney’s “Shake It Up”, where she plays one of the two main characters, Cici.)

  • Dinner at Kouzzina, Walt Disney World Resort

    My mother and I went here on Saturday night after a day of walking around EPCOT center and sampling some of the foods at the Food and Wine festival. We had an 8:20 reservation, which we were just in time for.

    First, it seems that they bunch up the reservations like this for a first and second seating arrangement at the restaurant. While this does seem to make sense in some ways, in others it means that there are some flow control issues, and you get a lot of bunching up of things. Ah well, we didn’t mind waiting for our little buzzer to go off, as it has a decent range and we were able to go out on the pier and watch a performing clown do a show with hats. Quite entertaining.

    As we were being seated, the hostess explained to us something about the restaurant, detailing how it was a restaurant featuring the recipes of Cat Cora, how the kitchen was laid out in the open so that everyone could see what was going on in the kitchen, etc. Very reminiscent of the California Grill on top of the Contemporary Hotel. I don’t know how much of a change this is compared with Spoodles, but I don’t mind the layout… it works. The room itself is semi-high ceilinged, and while conversations of guests do carry to some extent, it is not excessively loud in the eating area, something that I am not a fan of. While there is guest noise that carries, it isn’t to a point that it becomes bothersome and you find yourself yelling across the table just to be heard. If they could tune it so that it was a little quieter, it would be better… perhaps some sound baffling in the ceiling or something. Come on Imagineers! Get to work!  🙂

    Seated, we were introduced to our server (almost said waitress there, but decided to keep it more neutral, keeping in line with what Disney apparently wants to present) who had a strong southern drawl (hey, we are in the south… no biggie!) She was sweet, but a bit distracted by things that were going on around her. I’m not sure if this was considered a busy night, caused by it both being a Saturday night and having the Food and Wine festival just down the path in EPCOT, but it seemed like the wait staff were a little short-handed… and when I say a little, as if they were missing maybe one or two people and therefore each server’s area was an extra table or two larger than normal. No idea, really. I would have to go on a weekday night when things are typically quieter to see.

    First came the drinks, of course. I am not a drinker, and really the only thing I drink in the alcohol range tends to be things like ice wines. I did look over the mixed drinks quickly, but as they were all the standard Disney World drinks, I passed and went with a pomegranate lemonade… more on that in a bit. My mother ordered the Retsina wine, which surprised the waitress… I’m not sure why, since Retsina is a classical greek wine and this was a restaurant featuring greek food. I tried a bit of the wine… not something I would order myself, but interesting… it is a dry wine with an interesting pine taste to it. Not really horrible, but then, I also can enjoy Beverly from EPCOT’s Cool-Zone, where you get to sample different Coca-Cola beverages from around the world. (However, they have been messing with the mixtures there… just about everything is sweeter now, and Beverly isn’t nearly as bitter as it once was…)

    Looking over the menu, we decided against any of the appetizers. They just didn’t seem appealing to us at the time. My mother is somewhat picky in what she selects in restaurants, and the appetizers just weren’t in her list of things she wanted to try. Mom wanted to try the beets dish, until she realized that the beets were chilled. I might have gone with the Kouzzina Sampler, which is a choice of two skewers with olives, cashews, dolmades, tzatziki, hummus, grilled pita, and a choice between prawns, lamb meatballs, or chicken.

    I went with the lamb shank, which has oven-baked gigante beans and a pepper sauce, along with a side dish of brussel sprouts (I know… I know… Brussel Sprouts? Are you nuts? Hey, I like them, particularly if they are done right) with capers and lemon. My mother went with the Kouzzina Trio, which is a tasting size portion of Greek-style lasagna, char-grilled lamb burger, and cinnamon-stewed chicken with orzo, along with a side of herbed orzo with olive oil and kasseri cheese.

    The food arrived on the table very quickly. I don’t know if they had it ready to go in back somewhere and just microwaved it or what (I’m kidding… I am sure they prepared it properly) but it was on the table in no time.

    Let’s start with the Kouzzina Trio: The cinnamon stewed chicken was amazing, and afterwards my mother said she would happily order that as a full dish instead of the trio. The lamb burger was good, but we both felt that there were too many toppings. The burger would have been better without some of the toppings taking away from the taste of the lamb itself. I tried eating just a piece of the lamb burger meat alone, and it was quite good, so the toppings just took away from that taste. The lasagna, while quite good, also had cinnamon in it, and thus it was somewhat reminiscent of the chicken dish. We both felt that pairing it with the cinnamon-stewed chicken was a bit of a mistake, and that the third dish should have had some contrasting flavors. While it was good, it just didn’t fit quite right with the other two items on the plate.

    My lamb shank was wonderful, and combined with the gigante beans it was a very good dish. The lamb was baked to perfection, and we were both happy with it. I don’t really have that much to say good or bad about this dish. It is what it is, and if you are in the mood for lamb, it is certainly worth having.

    The herbed orzo side dish was also quite nice, and added a nice contrast to the items we already had. I found it to be a nice palate cleanser so that when I switched to different dishes I would have a clean taste going in. The cheese that was melted on top of this dish was also perfectly suited for the dish. A welcome side dish to just about any entree you happen to select.

    Finally, the brussel sprouts. First of all, I received a bit of a look of surprise from the server when I ordered this. I don’t understand why, because brussel sprouts, when done properly, are wonderful. I assume that because we were obviously American, we were not big brussel sprout eaters. I beg to differ… I love the bloody things. The sprouts were quite good, and the saltiness from the capers brought out the flavor of the sprouts. My only comment on the dish is that less oil should be used in the preparation, and more capers should be used. In my book, another nice side dish to complement a main course.

    The only other issue that occurred with this meal was the server’s inattentiveness. She did a good job of keeping us going with the meal, and was not intrusive with asking us if everything was going well (something I hate… I swear they are trained to ask this question exactly when my mouth is full.) However, I found the pomegranate lemonade to be extremely sweet, and would have preferred to switch to something else after the first glass. When it came time for a refill, she asked if I wanted a refill (which is fine), and when I started ask her a question she nodded and turned to another table, blithely ignoring the fact that I wanted to ask her something. She came by after about five minutes with a full glass of the lemonade again. I didn’t comment at the time because it wasn’t that big a deal, but it still bothered me, and that was reflected in the tip at the end.

    We are slow eaters, and we took about two hours to eat. When we were done, the restaurant had pretty much cleared out.

    Would we go again? Absolutely. My mother said she would like to try the whole fish at some point, and I might like to try either the flank steak or the seafood stew… both looked quite good, at least on the menu. I never got up to walk around a bit and see what other folks were eating, which I now realize was a mistake.

  • Food and Wine Festival, 2010. EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World

    Went to the Food and Wine Festival this weekend, and had my mother with me for the first time so that she could experience it. The past couple of years that I have attended, I have tried to sample everything that even sort of piqued my interest.

    Not this time.

    This time around, we were a lot more selective about what we went for. We would go up to each booth, look at the menu and decide whether anything even sounded remotely interesting, then watch the booth as other people would buy the different items. If they looked good, then we would get in line and give it a shot.

    This only happened a couple of times.

    The new Singapore booth was one that we sampled substantially. They had two different food items (I differentiate this from the wine aspect of the booths, as well as dessert items) which we sampled, both of which were excellent.

    The first item was a shrimp cake with Singapore noodle salad. We had to wait a while for this, since the shrimp cakes were taking a while to cook up on the grill. Unfortunately, they were rushing a bit, and our cake was underdone. It was still tasty, but the fact that it was underdone was kind of offsetting. The noodle salad was also stone cold, though we are now thinking that this was on purpose, and not something that happened simply because it sat out for a little while. The noodle salad was quite good, and had a nice spiciness that made us want more.

    The second item was a coconut braised beef rendang with jasmine rice. This was the best thing we had all day from the festival. While the rice was something that you could get anywhere, the rendang was exceptional. It had a nice sweetness to it before a bit of a spicy kick came out at the end. I am now looking for recipes for this one, because it was that good.

    The second (and last) booth that we stopped at was Argentina, where they had a roasted corn and cheese empanada. This was quite tasty, the filling just right, and the flaky crust beautifully made.

    That was it for booths that we actually sampled! Yes, just two. We looked very hard at what was being put out by Australia, but when we passed by the second time the barramundi fish just didn’t look as appealing as it did the first time around (we were no longer anywhere near as hungry), and the lambchops seemed very small for the price… not to mention we both have racks of lamb from Australia sitting at home in the freezer waiting to be cooked up.

    One other place that we looked at was the lettuce wraps with roast pork and kimchi slaw from South Korea. Unfortunately, the second time around when we looked at it again, it had also lost it’s luster.

    We finished off the day at EPCOT with a meal from Japan, a rice bowl with curried beef and potatoes that is always available from the Yakitori House up on the hill behind the pagoda. It is a substantial amount of food, and certainly enough for two people. One of my more favorite places to get food at EPCOT these days, because it is one of the more economical quick food places.

  • Disney out of step with reality?


    I just read the article above. Quite frankly, I don’t agree with what the writer is saying. Disney is not out of touch. Ana sort of proves it right in her own article. She is whining that Disney has increased their ticket prices, and that it is getting to expensive to go. She then goes on to whine about only getting to go on three rides because it was so busy. Well, that is sort of the point. The price has been raised because demand is still extremely high. The parks can only take so many people, and Disney is not stupid. They are going to get as much money as they can out of their customers. This is known as capitalism… you know, what our country is pretty much based on.

    Disney actually goes to great length and research concerning this very problem. They balance their admission prices against the souvenirs and other things that are available inside the parks. They even take a look at new items to determine whether or not those items are going to cut into the profits of other items, which can actually make or break a new product.

    When they rolled out the PhotoPass system, where Disney photographers take your photo in front of numerous locations, there was discussion on whether or not this system would cut into the revenue of other products. What they found was that it did not, and in fact because quite profitable, because the cash that guests spent on PhotoPass did not come from their “vacation” budgets. What was found was that the photos would be taken, stored, and once the guests returned home after their wonderful vacation, they would go and look at the pictures. Since they were at home and no longer in vacation mode, they were no longer looking at the budget in terms of vacation. In addition, because they could wait a month or two before actually purchasing the photos, they now had time to build up a bit of disposable income to make such purchases… again, not a part of the vacation funds.

    I consider this article to be written by someone who is just whining that prices are no longer the same as they used to be.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering why I came across this in the first place, apparently Disney is coming up with a new cartoon pilot called “Out of Step!” with voice characterization by Josie Loren. Woohoo!

  • Disney

    So, spent the week at Disney…staying at the Buena Vista Palace again. Rode the bike down, and now know the secret method for parking in VIP parking.

    First day was spent at Hollywood Studios. Nothing really new to see, but I enjoyed my time there. Afterwards I went over to Downtown Disney and picked up the Christmas Lego set (10199). I am still debating picking up the firehouse as well…have to figure out if I can fit it on the bike first.

    Tuesday went to Epcot, and did the whole food and wine festival thing. Some of the food was wonderful, but yet again Australia has managed to disappoint me because they didn’t have any meat pies. The festival has definitely taken a hit with the economy compared to last year.

    There is also a new ride in Innoventions, one that I think is going to be very crowded for a very long time. Got to ride it the day before it officially opens.

    Today went out to Animal Kingdom. Nothing has changed there, really. It is truly a half day park these days for me. Went on the safari ride twice, the rapids ride, then Kiliminjaro twice…that was enough for me, and I was hot enough at that time that it was time for me to hit the road.

    Rode out to the campground and got a rates sheet, which is quite nice and might be completely feasible in the cold months.

  • Disney Trip

    So, this past Saturday I decided that it would be a good idea to head down to Disney and tour one of the parks for the day. Got up nice and early and hopped on the bike, then had to deal with hevy mist and fog for the next hour or so until it got burned off by the rising sun.

    Having to wipe your face shield every half mile gets old quickly.

    Got onto property around 9am, and first went to Shades of Green in order to buy an annual pass for the parks. No real problems, though I did have a small issue of getting out of the area because the bike didn’t set off the plate to raise the gate on the way out. Oddly, apparently the gate house does not have a button that will raise the gate for you… it is solely dependent on the pressure plate.

    Now that I think of it, I have a feeling that there is some way to raise that gate from the gatehouse, because if that pressure plate ever fails they are completely screwed otherwise.

    Anyway, after Shades I went over to Epcot and got a parking spot. Since I have a full annual pass now, parking is free. I figure I will save the difference in cost between the full annual and seasonal pass just in parking fees.

    Went into Epcot, and took a look at the new stuff in the art shop. Thomas Kinkade has a number of paintings now available of Disney scenes, and they are wonderful, but I did ask why they didn’t have a dimmer capability on the lighting for these paintings, since differing light levels is what makes the Kinkade paintings so sought after.

    I then went on a bit of a hunt for stuff to do, as it was a bit early to go on a walk around the world. Went into Innoventions and did The Great Piggybank Adventure, which was actually a lot of fun, though obviously aimed at kids.

    From there went on to the Land and had a bit of breakfast, after which headed off to the World Showcase and formulated more of my plan. Decided to head off to Hollywood Studios via the ferryboat that leaves from between England and France.

    Got to Hollywood Studios and immediately headed for Rock-n-Rollercoaster, and proceeded to ride it twice very quickly. The single rider line was completely empty, and I simply walked on without any problem both times. Probably one of the best rides that simulates actually flying that I have found, mainly because of the smoothness of the ride.

    From there went on to see the Little Mermaid show, which is probably my favorite show on property. Not sure WHY it is my favorite, but it is. Got done with that, then it was time for lunch at the Brown Derby. Had the Prince Edward Island mussels and then their Cobb salad. I don’t think I need to eat their Cobb salad again, as I feel that the Cobb salad at Wolfgang Puck’s is better. Also, they changed the recipe on the PEI mussels, and I don’t feel it is quite as good anymore. It now has a southwestern flair to it, which sort of works, but I feel that the older recipe was better. I think that the next time I go back, I will still get the mussels, but not the salad… I’ll go for something else.

    From there I headed out and caught a bus to Animal Kingdom… headed off and went on the Yeti ride, then walked around the park a bit, doing a circuit. The apes that hang out at one of the exhibits were somewhat active, so that was also an enjoyable thing to watch for a bit.

    Went on from there to catch yet another bus to the Ticket and Transportation Center, where I was then able to catch the big ferry across the lake to the Magic Kingdom. Caught the middle of the parade in the town square area, then hightailed it to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which was an absolute walk-on. Left the ride, walked over towards Splash Mountain, but again managed to catch the parade as it exited the park… at EXACTLY THE SAME POINT IN THE PARADE. Watched the end of the parade again, then observed as the crowd on each side of the parade line converged into a massive free-for-all of people trying to get to where they wanted to go. I felt like as they were converging they should have been snapping their fingers as if it were a Westside Story re-enactment.

    Basically there was no chance on getting on Splash Mountain at this point, because the rush of people heading there was just too much. Instead I walked down along the water’s edge towards the Haunted Mansion, but the line for that was insane, so instead I just headed towards the front gate. Stopped off at the ice cream shop and got myself a Sundae, which was wonderful.

    Headed out the gate and hopped onto the monorail. They are not letting anyone ride in the front at the moment because of the accident a week ago, and I have a feeling that practice won’t resume for a couple more months at least. Got back to the TTC, then hopped onto the monorail back to Epcot. Went back into Epcot so that I could ride the golf ball of doom, then headed out of the park.

    Got back on the bike around 5pm or so, and started heading out of the area, only to run into a small shower right around the Contemporary hotel. Realizing that it was just a small shower that would probably pass by in half an hour or so, I pulled into the hotel and sat under the entryway waiting for the rain to pass rather than get soaked. Once it was gone, got going again and headed home.

    The ride was ~270 miles round trip, and I managed to hit all four parks and do at least one ride in each park. It was a 16 hour day, but dammit I did it! I could easily do it again, too. Next time I don’t think I have to hit every park though. I can just hit one park and take it nice and easy, then when I feel it is time to head home, do so. The ride there and back is about three hours each way, but since I take all the back roads instead of the interstate and turnpike, it makes for a much more interesting ride.

  • Respect

    I just read an article concerning three students who were given in school suspension because they did not stand during the pledge of allegiance.

    Now, I can understand the unwillingness of a person to pledge their allegiance. That is perfectly fine by me. The problem I have here is that they were not giving any respect to it whatsoever. Here is how it boils down in my view: You are in this country, benefitting from a “free” public education which was created for you by the efforts of the people. The least you can do is show some amount of respect for that country. I am not asking you to pledge your allegiance or anything, but show respect for something that is providing you with so many things.

    Aside from that, there is a school district rule that states that they must stand during the recitation. They don’t have to recite, but they do have to stand. They chose not to do this, and received punishment as a result. One of the things that they accept when they choose to go to school is that they must also follow the rules. This was one of them, and they chose to break it. This is one of those things that you just sort of have to accept as being a member of society.

    Now… as for the reason why I feel this way about this situation… when I was growing up, I grew up in an Air Force family. My father was not particularly gung-ho about bombing people, and that was something I respected. However, what affected me most was when we would go to see a movie at the base theatre. Before every movie, they would play the national anthem, and everyone would stand and place their hand over their heart… except for my mother. She would stand, but her hand would not go over her heart. I asked her about this, and her answer was that she was not an American citizen. Despite this, she respected what everyone else was doing and would still stand with everyone else as a show of respect for what was happening, regardless of the fact that she was not a citizen. What this taught me was respect. If I am in a different country and their citizens stop to do whatever happens to be the method for allegiance or whatever, you had damned well better believe I will stop and show my respect and appreciation for what they are doing, even though I am not showing my actual allegiance to that situation.

    Another situation that I have run into quite recently was when I walking out of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Every afternoon at 5 or 6pm they play the national anthem and hold a retiring of the flag ceremony in the main street area. As I was walking, the national anthem started up and the flag was being retired. I stopped right there in the middle of the street at attention and held my hand over my heart in civilian style salute, getting more and more angry at those around me who ignored it and continued with the hustle and bustle of being at an amusement park. Afterward I calmed down, resolving with myself that they just did not understand what they were missing in this land of ours.

  • Storage Networking World, Day 3

    So on day three there were basically some big general sessions in the morning that I went and attended…

    Session 1: Doing More with Less: The Future of Digital Preservation in a Constrained Fiscal Environment

    An interesting talk from Laura Campbell, the CIO of the Library of Congress. What I wonder about this was whether this is a possible use for the NLR/FLR networks in regards to transmitting data from regional libraries to the Library of Congress. They have a website: (digitalpreservation.gov). I also wonder whether or not I should talk to Ben about this a bit.

    Session 2: The Greening of IT at Marriott

    One of the things that I took away from this was a question on whether or not using SSD drives in place of normal harddrives in a cluster would benefit in the long run from power savings. Obviously speed would be helped quite a bit, but would the power savings be worth it? Since we don’t pay for power ourselves, it is a bit of a moot point, but perhaps the University as a whole would be interested in paying the difference in cost in order to create a power savings.

    Session 3: Next Generation Information Infrastructure

    Some more musings about SSD drives during this lecture. Also, a fact that popped up is that data growth is approximately 57% a year, which is really huge.

    Session 4: The Greening of the Data Center

    As can be seen, a major focus of this years conference was on green computing. The only thing that really popped up to my attention was the concept of a MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks).

    Session 5: Transform Your Data Center: The Path to a Transparent Infrastructure

    I didn’t really get anything out of this, but as my mind wandered I mused on how the University would know just how much power our group is using at any given time if they decided to start charging the different groups around campus for power. There aren’t really any meters around that measure this sort of thing, so if they went to this kind of format, would each group have to pay for a meter or something?

    Also, is there something that allows for NFS on an ESX server?

    Session 6: NERSC – Extreme Storage and Computation for Science

    While this talk was interesting for me, I noticed that there was a large exodus of people in the audience as the talk progressed. I figure this happened mainly because the talk given by William Kramer of the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center was not focused properly for the group that was there. It gave a description of what the center was doing without really going into how they were using the technology or how it could benefit the attendees. In addition, the slides that William was using were very dense and had entirely too much information on them, something that academics seem to be consistently guilty of. While the slides may be useful to a select few, most of the information on them is useless for the folks in that audience.

    The rest of the day I spent in the showroom learning more about what was available. I left around dinner time and found an Indian restaurant near Downtown Disney that was quite enjoyable.

  • Disney and V&A’s

    This past weekend I went to Disney World with some friends of mine. Now, I hold an annual pass so I get in there for free, as do they. These friends of mine like to go there more to stay that the resorts and get away from things back home and at work, whereas I prefer to go to the parks in order to get away from everything.

    We drove down on Friday evening, and about half way there I realized that I had left my wallet in my car back at their house, so I was completely without any funds, ID, or anything else. This… sucked. I had my pass with me, so I would be able to get into the parks, but if I wanted to do anything else I was completely reliant upon them for funding, etc.

    I also kept feeling my ass because my wallet was missing, but that is a different matter.

    So, as we were approaching Disney we were debating where to eat. Now, I don’t have any real preference on where we eat, as I can eat just about anything anywhere, so I let the others in the truck argue over where to go. There was some debate on going to Jiko which is in Animal Kingdom Lodge, and we even managed to get reservations there. Then they decided that it might be more fun to go to Citrico’s in the Grand Floridian instead. We have a waiter there who is a good friend, so we managed to get reservations there instead without any issue.

    We got to Disney and checked into our hotel (Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa), then drove over to Citrico’s for dinner. Nice dinner, as always.

    On Saturday, my friends were a bit… slow… in getting going. We went to breakfast at the Concourse Steakhouse in the Contemporary Resort. Decent little place to get breakfast, though I am not a big breakfast person. From there we went to Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM Studios) and went to see exactly one thing… Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. After that we left the park. Yeah… we went and saw one thing. As I said… they go to enjoy the resorts, I go to enjoy the parks. Ah well. We then went back to the hotel and rested until late afternoon, when we got all gussied up to go to Victoria & Albert’s in the Grand Floridian.

    Now, Victoria & Albert’s (aka V&A’s) is not some restaurant where you can just check in at anytime. This is a restaurant where you have to be in coat and tie (if you remove your coat at the table, they ask you to put it back on) or a dress… basically you have to be dressed to the nines just to get in. This is a full-service restaurant where you are escorted to the bloody bathroom if you have to go (no, they don’t follow you inside, but the do escort you to the door.) The prices are fixed (>$100 a seat, guaranteed) but you get a full seven course meal that is very very good.

    The maitre-de and waiters know their stuff as well, and if you want a specific wine they probably have it, or can recommend a number of substitutes for what you want.

    Anyway, a really good meal was had, and I even found a new wine that I enjoy, which is bloody impressive seeing as I only like sweet wines that don’t have that bitter dryness to them.

    Afterwards we got back to the hotel, and I was still feeling antsy because I just had not moved around enough that day, so I walked across the street and the whole way through Downtown Disney and back before going to bed.

    The next day we went and had breakfast at Rainforest Cafe just outside of Animal Kingdom, then went in to see the Finding Nemo show and then go on Expedition Everest. From there we went home.

    Again, I would have done a lot more in the parks during my stay, but my friends are just not ones to do so, which is unfortunate.