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  • No way to respond to Yelp articles

    OK… here is the thing. I sometimes see reviews on Yelp that simply don’t make sense. They post something, give a horrible rating, and then base that rating on only one thing. Or, in other cases, they state something, then go off in a completely different direction with their actual meal plans. I just wish sometimes that they would think about what they are writing before hitting that post button.

    Case in point: A rating article written recently for 4 Rivers Smokehouse, a local chain in North Florida. Personally I am not a huge fan of them, as I find them to be relatively generic and somewhat overpriced. However, I have also heard (though not tasted) that their brisket is bar-none the best in the area. I am not a huge brisket person, and prefer pork ribs, but that is beside the point.

    So the article… https://www.yelp.com/biz/4-rivers-smokehouse-gainesville?hrid=J9fVA9oq7cv40-8y0xxYHQ

    The reviewer gave it four stars… OK, fine. But her opening statement says that she saw the Hot Brisket sign in the window which is what enticed her to come in in the first place. She then goes on to describe that she bought an order of ribs, burnt ends, and a couple of sides, and proceeds to review those. Note the items she bought vs. what attracted her in the first place… no brisket was bought. It just seemed… inconsistent.

    Anyway, rant over.

  • Disney Trip

    So, this past Saturday I decided that it would be a good idea to head down to Disney and tour one of the parks for the day. Got up nice and early and hopped on the bike, then had to deal with hevy mist and fog for the next hour or so until it got burned off by the rising sun.

    Having to wipe your face shield every half mile gets old quickly.

    Got onto property around 9am, and first went to Shades of Green in order to buy an annual pass for the parks. No real problems, though I did have a small issue of getting out of the area because the bike didn’t set off the plate to raise the gate on the way out. Oddly, apparently the gate house does not have a button that will raise the gate for you… it is solely dependent on the pressure plate.

    Now that I think of it, I have a feeling that there is some way to raise that gate from the gatehouse, because if that pressure plate ever fails they are completely screwed otherwise.

    Anyway, after Shades I went over to Epcot and got a parking spot. Since I have a full annual pass now, parking is free. I figure I will save the difference in cost between the full annual and seasonal pass just in parking fees.

    Went into Epcot, and took a look at the new stuff in the art shop. Thomas Kinkade has a number of paintings now available of Disney scenes, and they are wonderful, but I did ask why they didn’t have a dimmer capability on the lighting for these paintings, since differing light levels is what makes the Kinkade paintings so sought after.

    I then went on a bit of a hunt for stuff to do, as it was a bit early to go on a walk around the world. Went into Innoventions and did The Great Piggybank Adventure, which was actually a lot of fun, though obviously aimed at kids.

    From there went on to the Land and had a bit of breakfast, after which headed off to the World Showcase and formulated more of my plan. Decided to head off to Hollywood Studios via the ferryboat that leaves from between England and France.

    Got to Hollywood Studios and immediately headed for Rock-n-Rollercoaster, and proceeded to ride it twice very quickly. The single rider line was completely empty, and I simply walked on without any problem both times. Probably one of the best rides that simulates actually flying that I have found, mainly because of the smoothness of the ride.

    From there went on to see the Little Mermaid show, which is probably my favorite show on property. Not sure WHY it is my favorite, but it is. Got done with that, then it was time for lunch at the Brown Derby. Had the Prince Edward Island mussels and then their Cobb salad. I don’t think I need to eat their Cobb salad again, as I feel that the Cobb salad at Wolfgang Puck’s is better. Also, they changed the recipe on the PEI mussels, and I don’t feel it is quite as good anymore. It now has a southwestern flair to it, which sort of works, but I feel that the older recipe was better. I think that the next time I go back, I will still get the mussels, but not the salad… I’ll go for something else.

    From there I headed out and caught a bus to Animal Kingdom… headed off and went on the Yeti ride, then walked around the park a bit, doing a circuit. The apes that hang out at one of the exhibits were somewhat active, so that was also an enjoyable thing to watch for a bit.

    Went on from there to catch yet another bus to the Ticket and Transportation Center, where I was then able to catch the big ferry across the lake to the Magic Kingdom. Caught the middle of the parade in the town square area, then hightailed it to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which was an absolute walk-on. Left the ride, walked over towards Splash Mountain, but again managed to catch the parade as it exited the park… at EXACTLY THE SAME POINT IN THE PARADE. Watched the end of the parade again, then observed as the crowd on each side of the parade line converged into a massive free-for-all of people trying to get to where they wanted to go. I felt like as they were converging they should have been snapping their fingers as if it were a Westside Story re-enactment.

    Basically there was no chance on getting on Splash Mountain at this point, because the rush of people heading there was just too much. Instead I walked down along the water’s edge towards the Haunted Mansion, but the line for that was insane, so instead I just headed towards the front gate. Stopped off at the ice cream shop and got myself a Sundae, which was wonderful.

    Headed out the gate and hopped onto the monorail. They are not letting anyone ride in the front at the moment because of the accident a week ago, and I have a feeling that practice won’t resume for a couple more months at least. Got back to the TTC, then hopped onto the monorail back to Epcot. Went back into Epcot so that I could ride the golf ball of doom, then headed out of the park.

    Got back on the bike around 5pm or so, and started heading out of the area, only to run into a small shower right around the Contemporary hotel. Realizing that it was just a small shower that would probably pass by in half an hour or so, I pulled into the hotel and sat under the entryway waiting for the rain to pass rather than get soaked. Once it was gone, got going again and headed home.

    The ride was ~270 miles round trip, and I managed to hit all four parks and do at least one ride in each park. It was a 16 hour day, but dammit I did it! I could easily do it again, too. Next time I don’t think I have to hit every park though. I can just hit one park and take it nice and easy, then when I feel it is time to head home, do so. The ride there and back is about three hours each way, but since I take all the back roads instead of the interstate and turnpike, it makes for a much more interesting ride.

  • Intrepid Fallen Heroes Ride

    So today I rode for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes, a fund to benefit veterans and their families who have either been injured or been killed. The ride left from Gainesville HD and went out to a number of different bars in the area: Newberry, Fanning Springs, High Springs, then finally the Eagles Club in Gainesville.

    It was escorted by the Enforcers MC, which appears to be a good group. I was there with the Legion Riders, but it really appears to me that our group, at least to some extent, really doesn’t know much about group riding. They also seem to want to always stick to the main roads, not having any sort of adventurous spirit or desire to go out onto the back roads of the area to get to different places. I won’t even go into the mileage that these guys go, because it isn’t all that much. I have yet to go on a ride with these guys where I have had a need to fill up the tank on my bike, and I can only go about 100 miles before going to the reserve.

    Really, I think my problem is that I truly “Live to Ride”, whereas most of these other riders do it more for the bar hopping and stuff like that. I like nothing more than to be out there on the open road, riding and seeing the countryside.

  • Spring Break day 1

    So, took off yesterday morning and headed east out to Palatka. No big deal there, though there were a larger number of bikes on the road than usual because of bike week. On  the east side of Palatka I had decided to take a different way out to the coast, which included going through a place called Dinner Island. What the map didn’t mention is that most of this road happens to be a dirt bog, which is kind of hard on the bike.

    After wasting a good hour trying to figure out which way to go, I gave up and headed back to route 100 and went the normal way. The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful, except that getting through Daytona took about three hours. That plus the mud bog set me back so far in time that I got a room just south of Ft. Pierce on the beach.

    Had dinner at a place called High Tides on the beach. While the clam chowder was good, the fish and chips left something to be desired. The fish breading was thick and salty, and I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it all. I don’t really recommend going to this place ever again.

  • Weekend

    So the plan today is to get on the bike and ride down to a pizza place I know of down the road and have lunch there. Once I am done with that and have a nice full belly, I’ll head down to mom’s place and check on the cat, and perhaps take a look in the Harley dealership… I need a leather vest so that I can attach the Legion patches that I have ordered.

    Still suffering from a cold, which is a bit annoying. Will have to bundle up a bit for the ride, I guess.

    Next weekend is MegaCon, which I am hoping to go to. A lot depends on who else I know that will be going, because quite frankly going to a con like that for just a little while does not really appeal to me, though I guess I could also go hit the Lego store.  🙂

  • Legion Riders

    So, went to a Legion Riders meeting tonight. Not sure how much I am going to be involved with it, but I would like to get some rides in with them. They unfortunately seem to be very focused on the fund raising aspect of things, and have forgotten that the main purpose of the group is to ride.

    I guess I will see.

    There does seem to be an opportunity there to put them together at least in some way with the Guilde in order to do some fund raising on both sides.