No way to respond to Yelp articles

OK… here is the thing. I sometimes see reviews on Yelp that simply don’t make sense. They post something, give a horrible rating, and then base that rating on only one thing. Or, in other cases, they state something, then go off in a completely different direction with their actual meal plans. I just wish sometimes that they would think about what they are writing before hitting that post button.

Case in point: A rating article written recently for 4 Rivers Smokehouse, a local chain in North Florida. Personally I am not a huge fan of them, as I find them to be relatively generic and somewhat overpriced. However, I have also heard (though not tasted) that their brisket is bar-none the best in the area. I am not a huge brisket person, and prefer pork ribs, but that is beside the point.

So the article…

The reviewer gave it four stars… OK, fine. But her opening statement says that she saw the Hot Brisket sign in the window which is what enticed her to come in in the first place. She then goes on to describe that she bought an order of ribs, burnt ends, and a couple of sides, and proceeds to review those. Note the items she bought vs. what attracted her in the first place… no brisket was bought. It just seemed… inconsistent.

Anyway, rant over.