Quick dinner at Fuji Hana – Gainesville

Went to Fuji Hana Sunday night for a quick meal. Decided that I was just going to eat at the sushi bar because I really only did want something quick, and didn’t want a ton of food.

The place is really quite nice, and the owner and workers there take a lot of pride in what they have created. It took a couple of months for them to actually open the place initially, because they did an incredible amount of work in preparing the place for business. It is a combination sit-down restaurant, sushi bar, and hibachi.

I have eaten there more than once, so I have experienced both the sushi bar and the restaurant portions of the place, but have yet to go to the hibachi side of things… that will wait until I have some people to go with to make it a proper event.

Anyway, back to the food. I ordered two rolls, with water. The first roll was a volcano roll (I like spicy stuff!) and this thing comes with both some spiciness and it is tempura’d, so it comes out nice and warm. Wonderful!

The other roll, unfortunately, I have no idea what it was called or even what was really in it. It was good, but for my tastes not as good as the volcano roll (I am also writing this almost a week after the meal, so some memory is hazy.)

In all, the meal was quite enjoyable, and I will be going back there again and again. I consider them at this time to be the best sushi place in town.