Road trip – Day One

Good day riding… weather was gorgeous, and the roads relatively clear. Took US441 north all the way to Homerville, GA, then headed east to Waycross, where I visited the Heritage Center. Some very interesting things in there, and I took a number of pictures of the train that they have there.

From there I headed off to Douglas, GA in search of Captain Muffler Man…. didn’t find him, but I did find a nice place to eat at Hanna’s Cafe. I had the roasted prime rib sandwich with homefries, and was quite satisfied with it.

From Douglas I headed north on US441 again to McRae, GA, where I got to see a replica of the Statue of Liberty in the town center, along with a replica of the Liberty Bell.

Moving on I headed out on US23 to Eastman, GA, passing a great scrap metal yard where the guy had taken a bunch of scrap metal and made different things with it. After that was a view of the world’s first Stuckey’s in Eastman.

Next thing was heading north and making my way to Madison, GA to see Bruce Weiner’s Microcar Museum, but by the time I arrived in Madison it was too late to go see it, so I found a place to stay instead.

Ate dinner at Pacho’s Mexican Grill, whose food is pretty decent though the service is a bit slow. I had the beef fajita, which was quite decent and had some really nice cilantro flavoring to it. They also have a salsa with their chips that is quite good. It is a mild sauce, and has a touch of chipotle in it, but not so much that the smokiness of chipotle overwhelms everything else. Yummy!