A couple of things

Lessee… a couple of things…

First, work is being a bit annoying. Our home area for the users went down, and of course there are no backups (no big deal, really… it is a part of policy and the users know that) but we really like to keep things running, so getting the home area back has been a priority for us for a couple of days now… and there has been no fruition. We are basically at the end of the rope now, and are trying to simply recover what we can.

It sucks.

And of course this is all happening now, when I have the first weekend in six months completely free with no plans whatsoever. Which means I will probably go in to work to see what I can do to fix things. *sigh*

Got a new cable modem last night, though… DOCSIS 3.0 compliant. No idea if Cox cable is going to be providing me with better connections because of it, but by god I am ready for it when it comes… except that my router is maximum 100mbit, and the thing has a gigabit port on the back of it. Now I might have to start looking either for a gigabit port for the router, or a new router that has a gigabit port on it.

In other news, the woman whom I mentioned earlier will be leaving the country in about a month or so. This is part of the reason why I didn’t pursue it further… I knew she was leaving for parts long and far away…  🙁

I have a new harddrive for the Fulong, but haven’t put it in yet… I figure that might be something I do tonight… not sure if I am going to put gentoo on it, or go with the debian variant that is now available and not sucking so badly.