GPG Spam

So a discussion came up just recently concerning spam scanners on mail servers and their tendency to score on emails that happen to be GPG encrypted, simply because the contents is a bunch of gobbledy-gook. Things were thrown back and forth concerning the computational expense of scanning emails for spam in the first place and stuff… then the conversation took a bit of a left turn when I started going off about how I was going to become the next spam king, whose sole purpose would be to generate spam using nothing but GPG signatures and encryption, as well as generating new keys for the spam every day so that a filter could not be placed on any single GPG key/signature.

They whined a bit about how it is still computationally expensive, and that all of the key generation and encryption would actually reduce the amount of spam being sent, to which my reply was that they did not understand the goal I was trying to achieve… not to make money from spam, but instead to kill GPG forever.

Yes, I was a bit bored…