Imperial Flagship

So, I managed to get my hands on the Lego Imperial Flagship (10210) on Tuesday, despite it not being available for at least another two weeks. For whatever reason, the Lego store in Orlando has started selling them early. Yes, it was an expensive night for me, because I also bought the Grand Emporium (10211) at the same time. Let me just say this: The Lego sets in the 102xx series are bloody expensive (though worth it). I am not amused with them releasing two of them so close together in time.

I worked on building the ship last night (and a little bit this morning), and I have yet to get up to the main deck. The keel is laid, the bow is complete, as is the stern, but the guns have not been laid in yet. The bowsprit I think is going to be coming up quite soon, as will a completion of the anchor windlass.

I should mention that the galley is complete, though I have to put together any of the minifigs… so it is not occupied with a cook at this time. There is a chicken roasting, though!

I was thinking of doing a pictorial log of the build, with minifigs and stuff working on it, but it doesn’t really fit the storyline that I want to present. Instead, I think I might get the pirate ship (Brickbeard’s Bounty, 6243) and do a pictorial of that getting built by normal folk, then right before the sails are raised, have a bunch of pirates come in and take over the ship, hence it becoming a pirate ship.  🙂  Just some thoughts, I guess.

I have some other plans that I am thinking about, once I have completed the Grand Emporium. The first is to see what kind of parts I have that I can use to put together a sailboat or two. I have seen one put together on the web that I really liked the lines of, so I am thinking I might emulate that a bit. Beyond that, I have plans to redo my city layout a bit so that I can incorporate the train. I also want to see about incorporating some of the buildings from Town Plan (10184) and molding them into the form factor of the modular buildings. In particular I am thinking of the garage and what can be done with it.