Road trip – Day three

In the morning, went downstairs and had breakfast. Typical stuff for a buffet. Got on the bike and headed east on SR52 out to Buckhorn, then south on SR9 to Dawsonville. From there headed west on 53 out to Calhoun, where I tried to find a treehouse that apparently does not actually exist. Oh well.

In Calhoun, I stopped at a motorcycle shop because I have been looking for a small leather fork bag for the front of the bike to hold small things like registration and such when I don’t have the saddlebags on the bike. I found one there, and talking to the owner found out a couple of things about long distance riders. I can tell I am not the type that really wants one of these giant Goldwings… they seem to promote the kind of rider that gets on the Interstate and then goes for hundreds of miles at a time. Just not my kind of riding I guess… I want to look at the countryside and stuff!

Anyway, headed out of Calhoun south towards Rome, then out the other side and into Alabama. By this time, I was starting to not feel all that great, so it was about this time that I started to think about heading for home instead of my original plan to head over into Mississippi. I started heading south through Alabama, stopping here and there for rest breaks and lunch (ate lunch at Taco Bell… it was good.)

Around 5pm or so I had gotten back across the Talledega mountains (and through Talledega itself) and was finally heading back into Georgia. Passed through Fort Benning, then met up with US27 and headed south until I got into Blakely. Looked for a place to stay for the night, but there was nothing there worth staying at. On the way out of town, just after I had cleaned the visor on my helmet, I rode underneath a tree and hit a couple of thousand little white bugs… instant white across the face, couldn’t see a thing. Had to stop again and clean the visor… again.

Rolled into Bainbridge where there was a just recently bought out Super-8 that was still in good condition. Stayed there, tried to find a decent place to eat in town, but eventually settled for a burger joint.