Relax… God is in control

I saw this caption on a bumper sticker going to work today, and it had me thinking about it the entire way in.

I don’t like it.

Now, I am not going to get into an existence of God thing here… that is a completely different theological debate. What I am annoyed about with this is that it is a fatalistic attitude. It is basically saying “I am not in control of my actions.”

I consider this to be a cop-out and a dangerous method of living life.

First of all, it is basically blaming your own actions on the will of a supernatural being. With this sort of attitude, it justifies every bad thing that man has ever done in history as actually being God’s fault, and therefore not the fault of man. I call complete bullshit on this.

Second, it could be foreseen to lead to someone simply giving up on doing anything, since “it is God’s will”. Dammit, if you can’t get off your duff and do something with your life, you are a failure, and I will call you on it.

I feel that this sort of attitude promotes anti-entrepreneurial thoughts. With this sort of attitude, we wouldn’t have things like the Apple iPod, or electricity, or the basic wheel.