Gentoo ebuilds

Couple of things…

First, new version of the netrek cow client is out, so I have written a new ebuild for it. This required some work because when the new client came out originally, it had a missing file in the tarball distribution. This was later fixed, but the filename for the new version of the tarball was not something that portage really liked, so some massaging in the ebuild was required. This is now done, and there is now an ebuild of version 3.2.6 of the netrek cow client available at my website:

Second, I got emacs to build on the fulong, which required both an ebuild file and a patch for the file in the tarball because the emacs tarball does not recognize mips64el the way the fulong presents it. Not too bad a patch, but it was also interesting just getting it to work in the first place. That patch is also available in the above website.