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  • Gentoo ebuilds

    Couple of things…

    First, new version of the netrek cow client is out, so I have written a new ebuild for it. This required some work because when the new client came out originally, it had a missing file in the tarball distribution. This was later fixed, but the filename for the new version of the tarball was not something that portage really liked, so some massaging in the ebuild was required. This is now done, and there is now an ebuild of version 3.2.6 of the netrek cow client available at my website: http://inthewings.net/ebuild

    Second, I got emacs to build on the fulong, which required both an ebuild file and a patch for the configure.in file in the tarball because the emacs tarball does not recognize mips64el the way the fulong presents it. Not too bad a patch, but it was also interesting just getting it to work in the first place. That patch is also available in the above website.

  • Rants and Ebuilds

    OK… two things…

    First, I read Slashdot, mainly because it does keep me up on the latest tech news to some extent. That being said, it amazes me sometimes about the questions that some folks ask the readers of Slashdot, because I have seen the comments of users of Slashdot and they are not necessarily the ones that you want advice from.

    Second, I just completed writing an ebuild that works for netrek on gentoo using mips architecture. It is located here.

    It was interesting writing the ebuild this time around, as I was able to fix some bugs that I had in the old one. The above is now a basic template for things that I will do from now on in creating ebuilds.

  • netrek on gentoo

    So, I am writing my first ebuild file for gentoo, and of course I decide to do it with a package that has broken configure scripts (or at least they are broken on the Fulong… I am now working on playing with it on a standard x86 architecture to see if it is truly broken or if it is something that is broken only on the Fulong.)

    If it is broken completely, I guess I will be sending off an email to the developer of the Cow release of Netrek, and then writing a patch so that it installs properly. By default I am going to be throwing it into /usr/games/* because that is where it should properly go.

    *…time passes…*

    Looks like it is broken, but I went ahead and at least created a patch that will fix the problem. Of course, gentoo whines about all of the warnings that pop up during compile, but that appears to be more from poor coding of the software than anything else. I get the warnings in both x86 and mips versions. It is looking like it may be a long road ahead for me to get this cleaned up.