Little Greek Fresh Grill – Winter Garden

Went here for lunch the other day. Nothing else in the area really appealed to me at the time (everything else in the area appears to be a chain restaurant), and a nice gyro appealed to me.

Walking in I found the place to be relatively busy. A number of people waiting for their food to be delivered to their table, a couple of folks in line to order, and some other folks eating. The place is bright and airy, so it seemed to be a good place.

I ordered up a regular gyro… I just wanted a sandwich, and that is what I got. It was pretty tasty, but there seemed to be a little less tzatziki sauce than I prefer, which is a shame. It was good though… just not the best I have had.

Finished up my sandwich and hit the road, heading home. If I were in a spot for a bit of lunch in that area, this is the first place I would head to.