Top Hog BBQ – Newberry

Went to Top Hog BBQ last week. This was the first time for me, and it is a relatively new place. Walking in it is an open atmosphere, with good seating and tables. It is counter service, so you have to walk up and order your food, but then they bring it out to you.

The story of how the place came into being (kickstarter campaign) is up on the wall, so that is some interesting reading for when you are waiting for your food. You will have time, as delivery times are not exactly the fastest… but for good food it is worth the small wait. It means that they are putting some time into actually getting your food prepared.

I ordered the chili cheese fries as an appetizer, as my friends had already ordered the poutine. I tried both, though I know I am not a fan of poutine in the first place. Personally, I think the poutine was better than the chile cheese fries, which coming from me is saying a lot.

Our fourth then arrived, and we decided on the large meat platter for four. The order was placed, and then about a ten or fifteen minute wait ensued… really not a big deal as we were comfortable talking, but I can see where it might annoy some folks who are expecting fast food speeds… you won’t get that here.

The food comes out… pulled pork, ribs, corn bread, corn on the cob, brisket… the whole she-bang. The corn bread was a bit on the dry side, but certainly edible. The corn on the cob was a bit overspiced but certainly edible. The pulled pork was quite decent, truthfully, and the brisket was also quite good. Perhaps a little dry, but pretty good. The ribs… they need work… they were dry and their sauce didn’t spark any interest in me.

The sauces available are on the sweet side. The regular and sweet are orange based, but even the spicy sauce is on the sweet side. I didn’t try the yellow or vinegar based sauces.

Overall this is a place that I can eat at, but frankly I will not be going out of my way to go to. I will only be returning because I am with a group that wants to go.